Learn to repair Mobile Phones | Gionee M5 Lite Tear Down and Display Replacement
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Gionee M5 Lite Tear Down and Display Replacement


n this Video, You can learn how to change display-cum-touch of Gionee M5 Lite. This video also illustrates complete guideline to the teardown or disassembly of Gionee M5 Lite.

This video will you to guide to change your cracked display. If you want to change yourself at home, you can save a lot of Money. You can buy the display from your local market at a very cheap rate. It costs around Rs 1200.

You can buy from online Stores like from Amazon, Flipkart, Maxbhi at an affordable rate.

This video also helps to change Battery, Ringer, Volume Strip, Cameras, Charging Flex etc..

Last, but not the least, Subscribe this YOUTUBE Channel to know more about Repairing Videos

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